with Zemon Lemon and Slurm Flirty Worm

Las Rosas are three shed November leaves, floating and bobbing on
the surface of a languid stream, drifting closer to the muddy banks,
then climbing out of the water, walking along the road on their
little brown stems, piling into their sea-foam- green van, driving
away, and releasing two EP’s, plus a full length album in the mild
spring of 2017. They’re the little leafs you see driving around the
USA, Europe, and the beach, playing rock shows, with their little
guitars and drums. No autumn leaf, if you bothered to check, is ever
truly still.

Christopher (the birch leaf) plays the drums, even with a broken
hand, when he needs to. Jose A is the red leaf of a Japanese maple
and not a picky eater, except during dessert. He plays bass and
shares a first name with singer Jose B, who incorporates lead
guitar-playing with mixed results– he is the needle of a long-leaf

Zemon Lemon started as a duo, but quickly realized that we wanted to make more noise. So, we found a third member and became a trio. We like it that way, and we know you will too.

New age Punk rock with silly lyrics about video games , cartoon shows, movies, and other miscellaneous references or stupid thing we might come up with.

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