Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas have arrived at last with their long awaited Instant Records debut, SECRET EVIL. The album sees the Detroit-based band serving up a brilliantly polyglot sonic stew – equal parts rockabilly and surf pop, cabaret jazz and funky reggae, Latin psych and Gypsy punk – all cooked up on the hot Motor City pavement and seasoned by that distinctly Detroit combination of blasted R&B, showband theatrics, and limitless rock ‘n’ soul energy. Songs like “Caught Up” and the syncopated “No Place Left To Hide” showcase Hernandez’s unstoppable vocals and breath of musical ambition, braiding contemporary pop thrills with an original and unmistakable creative persona all her own. Dizzying in its range and ambition, SECRET EVIL is fresh, focused, and surprising, a remarkable debut album from an indescribably compelling new band.

Moved to Reykjavík, made a record…and now, releasing another!

Just as waves relinquish the energy of the ocean as they crash against the shore, the sound creations of A Sea of Glass carry a musical energy that engulfs their audiences with both the aural aggressiveness of a storm at sea, and the audible equivalent of the honesty of the human spirit. Drawn together in Boise from cities spread across Southern Idaho by the musical cosmos, Joseph, KJ, Sam, Tyler, and Justin have ordained themselves with the task of taking music to an inspiring level. A Sea of Glass could be described as “Indie Rock” with folk intentions, layered with atmospheric textures–an exploration to try to express what all of humanity seems to have a groaning for. The sound is a culmination of the group’s influences–ranging between bands like Coldplay, Sigur Ros, and Future of Forestry and then those such as Anberlin, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Muse–giving diversity, power and purpose to their sound. The members of A Sea of Glass realize the honesty of the individual and hope to reach and inspire their audience on an individual level.

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