Performer, producer, and composer Emily Wells is known for her varied use of classical and modern instrumentation as well as her deft approach to live sampling. Classically trained as a violinist, Wells also performs using acoustic drums, synthesizers, and beat machines. She has toured extensively in the US and Europe and will release her next full length album Promise January 29, 2016 via her newly minted label “Thesis & Instinct”.

Promise, a soul record in baroque clothing, is about friendship, romance, and risk. It is about forgetting and desire. The title is derived from the installation “Promesa” by Cabella/Carceller, portrayed on the album’s cover, which depicts abandoned sites of pleasure. The eleven songs carry this same sentiment in their orchestral tones and unhidden vocals. So many have tried to define Wells’ one woman experience as future classical, down tempo hip hop, greased-up blues, spectral folk, etc. It doesn’t matter. By the time their creative label goes to print, Emily Wells is pouring gas on her former self and lighting the way.

Wells has recorded and produced several albums including the critically acclaimed Symphonies: Dreams, Memories & Parties and Mama. As a composer she contributed to the soundtrack and score for Park ChanWook’s Stoker and scored the forthcoming film Here Is Something Beautiful (etc.

In her debut solo project, Melody English takes her sultry and expansive vocals to intoxicating territory. Jazzy drums and weaving melodic guitars back-up her songwriting, extending outward from her early classical career.

English was hit by a car in 2015, an event that put her ability to sing in the balance. As a frequent collaborator on other people’s projects, the accident launched her own songwriting — giving her music a renewed focus. Her seductive performance captures the imagination, as if propelled from a dream-like state.

-Frankie Barnhill

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