with Storie Grubb and Sleepy Seahorse

Elf Power formed in 1994 and over the last 23 years have released thirteen albums, two eps, and a handful of singles, while touring North America, Europe, and Japan many times. Albums such as 1998’s Dave Fridmann-produced “A Dream In Sound” and 2008’s collaboration with the late Vic Chesnutt, “Dark Developments” have cemented the bands’ reputation as the finest purveyors of modern melodic psychedelic folk rock around. Their tour in support of their last album , 2013’s “Sunlight on the Moon” , took them on an extensive tour in support of Neutral Milk Hotel’s much acclaimed reunion tour, as well as dates with Broken Bells and headlining dates.

Their latest album “Twitching in Time” combines experimental arrangements and sublime songwriting with their powerful live bombast, into their strangest, most cohesive, and most exciting sounding album yet. Opening track “Halloween Out Walking” combines minimal and beautiful folk rock arrangements with otherworldy Moog synthesizer gurglings to awe-inspiring effect. Other highlights include “Watery Shreds”, a piano ballad that transforms itself into an explosive an unexpected distorted guitar drone freakout, sounding like an unlikely marriage of avant-garde keyboardist Laurie Anderson and drone metallers Sunn 0)) . Songs like the title track and “Cycling Aimlessly” are classic fuzzed out melodic rock songs the likes of which the band has become known for , while songs like “Gorging on the Feast” explore a jazzy, melancholy terrain before descending into a shredding heavy rock assault. The constant shifting of sounds and styles makes for one of the band’s most diverse and satisfying albums yet. On this album, singer/songwriter Andrew Rieger and longtime collaborator multi-instrumentalist Laura Carter are joined by Matthew Garrison on bass, Peter Alvanos on drums, and Davey Wrathgabar on guitar.

The album is released on May 12, 2017 on the band’s own Orange Twin Records, that has released almost 50 albums since 2001, including releases by Neutral Milk Hotel, Vic Chesnutt, Jeff Mangum, Jack Logan, Nana Grizol, Gerbils and many more.Orange Twin Records works in conjunction with The Orange Twin Conservation Community, 155 acres of beautiful land on the outskirts of Athens, GA that has initiated the development of a highly progressive, self-sustainable and ecologically-minded cluster village and nature preserve.

If I were going to be honest STORIE GRUBB began in Chico CA, in 1995 when I started to play guitar and write my own songs. I was fifteen years old and completely obsessed with learning the instrument. I used to record on two old tape players, overdubbing guitars and keyboards back and forth, until I had created these half hour long gibberish pieces. I remember turning my mom’s little half of the shop into my studio and I spent as much time as I could out there plucking and creating these odd masterpieces.

Fast forward a few more years (and about 5 monikers later) and here I am in Boise, Idaho with the same sort of set up. I have transformed one of the rooms in my basement into my makeshift recording studio. With an old computer, a few guitars, some keyboards and my ukuleles I now have a way to share the sounds I hear in my head with whomever will listen.

Storie Grubb is Backed by Shane Brown on guitar and drums, Matthew Vorhies on Accordion, KC Martin on Bass and Fernando Flores on Guitar and Drums. Storie recently Self-Released another album (his second in 2016) WHAT THE DEVIL? for free on Bandcamp or for sale at the Record Exchange in lovely Boise Idaho.

Mellow melodies. Lugubrious lyrics. Songs by Joey Corsentino.

In 2016, local Boise DIY musician Sleepy Seahorse released “Frienditions,” an entire album of songs written by Idaho-based musicians, reworked and covered by Corsentino. Another album, “Used To Be Confused,” came out late in the year. Sleepy Seahorse live shows consist of Corsentino singing and playing selections from these albums with guitar and trumpet solos over a bed of psuedo-electro indie-rock beats and sounds.

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