Dark Dark Dark

Duck Club Presents: DARK DARK DARK also Emily Wells and Storie Grubb & The Holy Wars

Doors @ 7pm, Show @ 8pm | 21+

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Dark Dark Dark

Who Needs Who, the new album by Dark Dark Dark, is a stirring and rich body of songs that sees the band breaking ground and settling into the strengths of a quintet that has worked incredibly hard, both on the road and in their personal lives. The band’s commitment to their music has proven to be a double-edged sword.
The first single, “Tell Me,” finds Dark Dark Dark setting a new tone for avant-garde pop. The beat is up, the drums and bass propel the song, and Nona Marie Invie’s voice soars between impassioned yearning and a resigned, empowered hope that reveals wisdom.

Most of the material on Who Needs Who was written by Invie in Minneapolis, and arranged by the band on tour and in New Orleans, where acclaimed engineer Tom Herbers joined them to record. The recordings are as dynamic as their schedules, the places they choose to work, and their friendships. In some ways, it is a wonder they exist at all.

It’s no minor detail that Nona and Marshall LaCount, Dark Dark Dark’s co-founder and producer, were in a serious relationship that ended in early 2011, with a year solid of touring commitments ahead of them. On “Meet In The Dark”, Nona sings, “You want everything to stay the same, and then things change, but I’ll never get tired of singing these songs…” Despite increased tensions and heated arguments, the band showed immense patience and commitment to the music and their friendships. Ultimately, a five-month hiatus at the end of 2011 and early 2012 allowed the band to heal, reflect and refocus. When the band reconvened in New Orleans for rehearsals, the initial awkwardness gave way to the creation of some of their most beautiful, revealing work to date.

“Many of these songs are about understanding and accepting the nuances of my emotions. The obvious parts and the dark parts. There are times when it’s important to quit fantasizing and face the truth about what is happening,” says Invie. Who Needs Who is ultimately refreshing and rewarding, and marks the beginning of a bold and promising chapter for Dark Dark Dark.

Since their last full length, 2010’s Wild Go, the band has toured extensively in the US and Europe, enjoyed sold out shows, national radio appearances, and support dates for bands like The National and Low. They’ve had TV placements on Grey’s Anatomy, Parks and Recreation, and American Idol, and their appearance on the UK’s Live From Abbey Road was a highlight of the season. Dark Dark Dark will have a full US tour to support the release of Who Needs Who, followed by shows in Australia and Europe.

Who Needs Who is released October 2nd, 2012 on Supply & Demand Music in the US, October 1st on Melodic in the UK and Europe.

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Emily Wells

Emily Wells is a performer, producer, singer and composer known for her varied use of classical and modern instrumentation as well as her deft approach to live sampling at shows. Classically trained as a violinist, she also plays drums, keys, beat machines and whatever else she can fit in her road case.

Born to a music minister in Amarillo, Texas, Wells began learning violin at 4 at a community college. The family later moved to Indianapolis, where she discovered Bob Dylan, Nina Simone and Biggie Smalls and gradually moved from the Suzuki method to songwriting, guitars and home recording. Releasing her own music from a young age, Wells learned to keep her work close, and toured independently while developing her palate and performance across the U.S. It was in a humble garage studio in Los Angeles that Wells’ recorded her 2008 breakthrough, The Symphonies: Dreams Memories & Parties, picking up praise from sources as varied as NPR and SPIN, who compared her to “a feral, streetwise Nina Simone.”

Three years later, Wells returns with Mama, a collection of songs as richly hued as ever, but imbued with a newfound warmth no doubt owing to the space it was conceived in. Wells rented a tiny cabin on a Topanga Canyon horse ranch and went to work, producing Mama and playing most of the instruments herself (with a little help from longtime touring companions, drummer Sam Halterman and bassist Joey Reina). She recorded the raw tracks to tape without punch-ins or loops, often in one take. In contrast to The Symphonies, these songs are less conceptual and experimental in both sound and content, and more traditional and universal in structure and the studies of love and grief. 2012 will find Wells touring behind Mama, her first release for Partisan Records, and preparing for the release of Pillowfight, her long whispered-about collaboration with legendary producer Dan The Automator.

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Storie Grubb & The Holy Wars

Began In Portland, Oregon in the year of 2008 as a one-man art project. Slowly other members were introduced until Storie moved to Boise, Idaho after a near-death experience. After moving to Boise and weeding through a few artists and musicians He found the members that would make up his back-up band “the Holy Wars”, taken from a song he wrote that epitomizes his fears and concerns with organized religion and fundamentalism.

Lyrically and melodically driven, Storie (Sean) tells tales of everyday life through the eyes of a “man-child”, confused by what has become of this planet Earth he calls home…┬áStorie recently released (august 12, 2012) two solo albums through bandcamp.com. Soft, Melodic and dark, these albums go together side by side like salt and pepper. They are really for fans only and fans of indie-lo-fi homemade recordings will probably enjoy them.

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