Despite having an average age of under 20, Baby In Vain have amassed acclaim across the globe and shared stages with the likes of Ty Segall, The Kills and Thurston Moore. Dubbed “stupidly exciting” by NME, the three prodigious young musicians are known for their sharp riffs, darkly intense live performances and irresistible dual vocals from Lola Hammerich and Andrea Thuesen. Baby In Vain take the templates laid out by the likes of Black Sabbath, MC5 and The Melvins and skew them with youthful, experimental abandon, to create something completely unique and truly invigorating

Emerald Lanes are a rock and roll band that puts a new spin on the 90’s heavy drudge sound.

Dark Seas started out as a four piece psych-surf garage rock band in Salt Lake City, Utah, in early 2011. Following months of playing shows and touring, they released an 8 song demo and soon after adding two additional members. They continued on as a six piece, then eventually a five piece, before taking some time off to relax and refocus their efforts in mid 2012.

Regrouping in December of 2012, they reunited with original guitarist, Diego Mijares, and new lead guitarist, Colton Ericksen, and began to write new music and record an EP titled, “Hawkes Court,” released in 2013. Following the release of the EP, Dark Seas moved to California to branch out their music as well as to begin exstensively tour the US. In July of 2013, Dark Seas tragically rolled their tour van on their way to Chicago, destroying all their equipment, injuring 7 of the passengers, and taking the life of guitarist, Colton Ericksen.

Upon returning to Utah, the band took time off to come to terms with the accident, as well as finish a 5 song EP titled, “Toner,” using songs that had been written and worked on by the band with Colton before his passing.

Dark Seas has since picked up the reigns once again, continuing on as a five piece outfit with help of new musicians and a new found lust for life, music and the open road. Former members of San Diego band, Dub Grammar, guitarist Danny Wilcox, multi instrumentalist Matt Jones, and drummer Graham Boblit, now fill out the group with founding members, vocalist Kyle Wilcox, and former drummer, now bassist, Rhett Hansen.

baby in vain

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