Formed in 1995 by Makoto Kawabata at the same time as the Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective. The group released its debut album in 1997 on PSF Records (Japan), and it was selected as one of the year’s best albums in the The Wire magazine (UK). In 1998 the group played their first tours of the US and Europe. Since then the group has released a huge number of albums on labels from many different countries. As of 2017, the group has released around 80 albums. Every year since 1998, they have toured extensively in the US and Europe, and more recently have started performing around Asia and in Japan too.
The group has performed in collaboration with many musicians including psychedelic originators Gong and Guru Guru, Simeon (Silver Apples), Nik Turner (Hawkwind), and the Occitanian trad sinder Rosina de Peira. Japanese collaborators have included Afrirampo, Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), Maso Yamazaki (Masonna), Seiichi Yamamoto (Boredoms), Jun Kuriyama (The Ox), and many others.

To begin with the group had a floating line-up with contributions from many members of the AMT Soul Collective. But as tours became more frequent, the group began to coalesce around a core touring line-up. Other bands were created with Acid Mothers Temple as part of their name (AMT & The Cosmic Inferno, AMT SWR, AMT & The Space Paranoid, Acid Mothers Gong, Acid Mothers Guru Guru, etc.), but AMT & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. has continued to function as the mothership and main lineage for all our activities.

In 2016, 21 years since the group’s founding, there was a major shift in the line-up and “Next Generation” was added to the name. We now view the first 20 years as chapter one in our story, and we are now turning the page to start chapter two. The current touring line-up is: Makoto Kawabata (the sole original member), Hiroshi Higashi, Mitsuko☆Tabata, Nani Satoshima, and S/T.

“Babylon must fall. Freedom rocking into oblivion through the darkest past times calling you to wave your freak flag and be what you want to be, man. If you are beautifully stoned you fit right into the Babylon family.” – John Sinclair

Ealdor Bealu is a 4-piece psychedelic band from the high desert of Boise, ID. Beginning in the summer of 2015 with Carson Russell (Guitar, Vocals), Rylie Collingwood (Bass, Vocals), Alex Wargo (Drums) and Travis Abbott (Guitar), Ealdor Bealu brought forth a formidable multi-genre sound ranging from heavy-psych/doom to post-rock and post-punk. With a focus on shifting dynamics from the ambient to the massive and back again, and the influence of the raw natural enormity of the Northwest landscape around them, Ealdor Bealu curates a mosaic of sounds to paint a picture of the world around them. From the still silence of the morning’s first light to the crushing depths of the ocean floor, their sound is both minimalist and maximalist with hints at the unknown core of our existence and the world beyond this reality. Combined with vintage b/w cinematic visuals and an intensely passionate live show, each performance provides a feeling of both exuberant stimulation and utter catharsis.

In their first year as a band, Ealdor Bealu was honored to play a packed opening night performance at Treefort Music Festival 2016 with psychedelic masters Acid Mother’s Temple (Japan) and WEEED (WA). Along with a life-changing closing set at Ranchfest 2016, Ealdor Bealu played several other shows throughout the year, highlighted by performances with post-rock crusaders This Patch of Sky (OR) and Barrows (CA), and swamp-blues singer Adia Victoria (TN).

In July of 2016 Ealdor Bealu set out to the Oregon Coast haven of Yachats with sound engineer Ethan Schmidt to set up a home studio for a week and record their debut full-length album. Vocal tracks were recorded afterward in the great hall at the majestic Cathedral of the Rockies in Boise, ID. DARK WATER AT THE FOOT OF THE MOUNTAIN is a nearly 60-minute long exploration into the ethos of Ealdor Bealu, sprawling the gap between the natural and the unseen, the depths of reality and the path to eternity. 2017 is looking to be a big year for the band, as Ealdor Bealu’s DARK WATER AT THE FOOT OF THE MOUNTAIN is slated for a June release on CD and digital with a Northwest tour in support.

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