Brian Noyeswatkins, Lena Simon and Jake Brady grew up in Carmel, Los Angeles, and Seattle, respectively. They absorbed all the timeless and elegant classic LPs they could get their hands on (favorites include: all things Big Star, XO and Either/OR, Hunky Dory, and Rubber Soul). They met each other at art school, and started crafting sweet and subversive pop songs with stately organs and pianos, sweeping guitars, and resplendent harmonies.

With a sound both familiar and new they’ve played Pacific NW festivals such as Bumbershoot and Capitol Hill Block Party, a week of shows in Iceland, and have toured the West and East coasts. The songs on their album Wednesday’s Children feature a keen sense of assured swing with shambolic passion. The LP was recorded with engineer Andy Meyer (Tea Cozies, Ghosts I’ve Met). Wednesday’s Children was released on Flat Field Records summer of 2012.

The band’s debut EP for Flat Field was a limited-run 10 ” EP that came out in spring of that year. Two of those A-sides are on Wednesday’s Children, “Ta Ta Dana” and “So So So,” both of which have received loving airplay on KEXP. Other key songs include the numinous “Anyone’s Guess,” the stoned and brittle bop of “Salamander Jack,” and the glistening, heartbreaking title track. The album ends with crowd favorite “Jujube” and the sprawling, anthemic, epic “Rhododendron Rd.” Tomten spent the summer of 2013 in San Francisco collaborating with producer Jason Quever (Papercuts, Beach House, Cass McCombs) on their newest record entitled “The Farewell Party” due in Summer of 2014.

Whimsical wizard folk
“Tisper combines intricate lyrics, understated vocals and dreamlike melodies to produce their quietly evocative music”

Tomten (Press)

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