Panther Attack! is an instrumental band that explores the more complex elements of rock. The band’s newest endeavor is a powerhouse of tension and release that showcases the intricate layers of cascading guitar and dynamic rhythm section. Some people might categorize them as “math rock”, but the band seeks to transcend such rigid confines by creating fluid compositional movements that have a sense of direction. Their sound is more likely to move your body in strange, impulsive ways than to have you standing still, arms-crossed, fading into oblivion.

Formed in metro Detroit over a decade ago, the core members of Panther Attack moved to Seattle and self-released their first album Martyr Bonus in 2007. The band toured the West Coast and then released their Sharp Moments EP a year later – it was pressed to 300 limited edition copies on 10” vinyl. The band gigged regularly and became highly recommended as a local act that “you must see live.” Panther Attack! was praised for their “badass swagger via thrashing riffs and driving percussion” in an article by Megan Seling of the Stranger, highlighting Seattle’s instrumental music scene

Like an elusive animal of prey, Panther Attack! awakens hungry in 2014 with a new full length titled “Sung Amongst Shadows”, and will be touring the West Coast once again in support of their latest release in early fall.

We are a Boise-based Math Rock band.
Jess Greaves/Joseph Szlanic/Chris Szlanic/Micah Link

Three-piece instrumental band from Boise, Idaho. Trite blends elements of post rock/hardcore with indie-rock hooks to create cohesive soundscapes that culminate into captivating crescendos.

Panther Attack-2-2

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