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Whirlwind virtuosity, extremes of delicacy and impact, melodies that leap all over the place, suite-like structures, cryptic lyrics based on literary conceits — all the hallmarks of progressive rock are robustly in place on “Hand-Painted Dream Photographs.”
—New York Times

Four stars. I think Jessica Ramsey has one of those voices. I can see a cult forming around this band. Maybe there already is a cult in Baton Rouge, I need to get down there and join in. They’re all dipping cotton candy in peyote. “The Cotton Candy Cult”.
—NPR All Songs Considered

In the case of psychedelic freakrock group Moon Honey, depth is the name of the game. Whether it’s in the heightened lyrics or the restless path of the songs, Moon Honey is utilizing the psychedelic adjective to good purpose, giving us something in the veins of both Dirty Projectors and Deerhoof but with a side of Yes and Joni Mitchell.
—Impose Magazine

Pastoral, wild, operatic, freewheeling, abstract, and intense – these descriptions only begin to scratch the surface of the idiosyncratic music/art project that is Moon Honey. The interesting mixture of acid rock and indie folk is only overshadowed by Jessica Ramsey whose voice is as distinctive as Bjork or Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

…intense, direct, driving; hypnotically focused with excellent execution; extremely skilled at filling up a venue, with both people and sound. A reputation precedes their live show as one with the rare ability to steal all the air in the room, taking everyone’s breath away and holding it captive until the set is over, which is usually when the audience remembers to inhale.
—DIG Magazine

I spent a lot of time putting their music under this kind of microscope that’s only possible when you’re the person doing the mix, when you can hear every single track separated, and I was floored by both how beautiful the music is, but how intricate and how full it is. Every little thing mattered; every little part was inspired in some way. I’m really looking forward to my first time seeing them perform. I haven’t met them, but I feel like I know them so intimately.
—Greg Saunier of Deerhoof

We are a duo from the City of trees( Boise), with melodic bluesy vocals, dazzling piano and solid drums. We love to entertain and share our love for music

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